Projects and Solo Exhibitions

TBD. University of Waterloo Art Gallery (Kitchener-Waterloo). Curated by Ivan Jurakic. 
January 2015.
Sidereal Time. MOCA (Calgary). Curated by Jeffrey Spalding. September 2013.
Hourglass Sand in the Vaseline. MKG127 (Toronto). November 2012
Is It What It Is & Other Questions. The Power Plant (Toronto). Curated by Melanie O’Brien. July 2012.
Between the Click of the Light and the Start of the Dream. MKG127 (Toronto), May 2010.
Call and Response. Truck Contemporary (Calgary). June 2008.
Room Tone. MKG127 (Toronto). January 2008.
The Twinkling of Stars as Used to Measure Velocity. CCL1 (Toronto) November 2006
Pop Quiz. Vox Populi (Philadelphia) October 2006

Selected Group Exhibitions

Looking Forward. Montreal Biennale. October  2014. Curated by Peggy Gale and Gregory Burke.
Les Rassembleurs. MKG127 (Toronto). July 2014. Curated by Dean Baldwin. 
There and Back Again. Doris McCarthy Gallery (Scarborough). February 2014. Curated by Erin Peck. 
Piano Tacet. Open Space (Victoria). February 2014. Curated by Paul Walde.
Unarchive. Artscape Youngplace (Toronto). November 2013. Curated by Heather Nicol.
Nocturne (Halifax). October 2013. Curated by Eleanor King.
More Than Two (Let It Make Itself). Power Plant (Toronto). September 2013. Curated by Micah Lexier.
The String & The Mirror. Lisa Cooley (New York City). August 2013. Curated by Justin Luke & Lawrence Kumpf. 
CAFKA @ the Walper Hotel. CAFKA (Kitchener). July 2013. Curated by Gordon Hatt.
Volume: Hear Here. Blackwood Gallery (Mississauga). January 2013. Curated by Christof Migone.
Nuit Blanche (Toronto) October 2012. Curated by Helena Reckitt.
Like Minded. Plug-In (Winnipeg) February 2012. Curated by Micah Lexier.
Twelve. West Los Angeles College Art Gallery (Los Angeles) February 2012. Curated by Kio Griffith.
The King and I: Hockey Bar. Confederation Centre for the Arts (Charlottetown). February 2012.
Sediment. G Gallery (Toronto) January 2012. Curated by Shane Krepakevich.
Read All Over. Scrap Metal (Toronto). December 2011. Curated by Samara Walbohm.
Out of Site. Nuit Blanche (Toronto) October 2011. Curated by Earl Miller.
In the Stacks  Queen Specific. (Toronto) November 2010. Curated by Barbara Balfour.
Sound + Vision  Nuit Blanche (Toronto). October 2010. Curated by Anthony Kiendl.
Heat  MKG127 (Toronto). August 2010. Curated by Michael Klein.
A to B   MKG127 (Toronto). July 2010. Curated by Micah Lexier.
Live Forever Concertina Gallery (Chicago, USA), May 2010. Curated by Katherine Pill.
Infinite Egress Surrey Art Gallery (Surrey, BC). September 2009. Curated by Jordan Strom.
Lola 2009 (London, ON) September 2009. Curated by Paul Walde.
Bowie Clark Faria Gallery (Toronto) July 2009. Curated by D. Faria.
Goodbye to Romance Mercer Union (Toronto) May 2009. Curated by Elaine Gaito.
Black Friday Printed Matter (New York City) December 2008. Curated by Jay Sanders and Olivia Shao.
Keep the IS in Feminism Contemporary Art Gallery (Vancouver) December 2008. Curated by Jenifer Papararo.
You Don’t Really Care for Music, Do You?  381 Projects (Toronto). November 2008. Curated by Catherine Dean.
AiR  Glenfiddich Gallery (Dufftown, Scotland). September 2008. Curated by Andy Fairgreive.
Lola 2008  (London) September 2008. Curated by Paul Walde.
KERA Festival of Contemporary Art  (Varna, Bulgaria). June 2008. Curated by Nevan Lahart.
House Projects (Dublin, Ireland) May 2007. Curated by Sonia Schiel.
Untitled Diaz Contemporary (Toronto) January 2006. Curated by Kelly Mark.
Disquiet Modern Fuel (Kingston) September 2005. Curated by Christof Migone
Geocaching The Harbourfront Centre (Toronto) July 2005. Curated by Patrick MacCauley.
Sound Madness Walter Phillips Gallery (Banff) May 2005 Curated by Alissa Firth England
Free Sample Mount Saint Vincent (Halifax) January 2005. Curated by Kelly Mark.
Soundtracks Edmonton Art Gallery (Edmonton) June 2003. Curated by Barbara Fischer.
Re: Duchamp Alliance Française de Toronto (Toronto) March 2003
Let’s Get Lost Cambridge Galleries, (Cambridge) July 2002. Curated by Gordon Hatt.
Miniature Show Art Gallery of Ontario (Toronto) Jan 2001. Curated by Instant Coffee/Christina Ritchie.


Tick Talk. Winnipeg Art Gallery (Winnipeg). Panelist. November 2013
Artist Talk. University of Manitoba (Winnipeg) November 2013
Bookclub. The Power Plant (Toronto). August 2013.
Artist Talk. University of Victoria (Victoria).  March 2013.
Artist Talk. NSCAD (Halifax). February 2013.
Water Music. Electric Eclectics (Meaford) August 2012. Performance/installation.
Movie Night. Art Gallery of Ontario. Curated by Paul Butler. November 2011.
Bookclub. The Power Plant (Toronto).  Curated by Jon Davies. October 2011.
Defacing the Currency MS:T (Calgary) Collaboration with Scott Rogers. October 2010
The Work Need Not Be Built The Power Plant (Toronto) April 2009. Panelist. 
Tay Bridge Poems and other Poems Trampoline Hall (Toronto) November 2008
Water Music MKG127. February 2008.
Make Your Own Bus The Art Gallery of York University (Toronto) October 2006
Remote Jukebox FADO (Toronto), November 2003
Compositions for Bad Piano Forest City Gallery (London) August 2003
Yoko Ono Tribute Night AGO/Lee’s Palace (Toronto) May 2002
Electronic Music Festival Holy Joe’s (Toronto) Nov 2002
Another Slide Show Art Gallery of Ontario (Toronto) Nov 2001.
Concert Performance Lee’s Palace [duet with Lee Renaldo] (Toronto) Sept 2001
Live feedback radio broadcast CKLN (Toronto) Nov 2000
Gloria Poses in the Nude Workplace Slide Show (Toronto) October 2000
Don’t Count My Scars Like Tree Rings 7a*11d Performance Art Festival (Toronto) Oct 1999
Souvenirs, Novelties Kensington Market Outdoor Fair (Toronto) August 1998
Minimal Event Music Street Records (Scarborough) May 1998


Ontario Arts Council, mid-career, 2014
Canada Council Project Grant, 2011
Toronto Arts Council Grant, mid-career, 2011
Chalmers Fellowship, 2009
Toronto Arts Council, Level 2 Artist Grant, 2008
Ontario Arts Council, Exhibition Assistance, 2006, 2008
Ontario Arts Council, Emerging Artist Grant, 2005
Toronto Arts Council, 2005
Canada Arts Council Emerging Artist Grant, 2005
Canada Council Travel Grant , 2003



1445 Dundas St. W.   
Toronto, Ontario  
Canada M6J 1Y7  
(647) 435-7682


Glenfiddich. Dufftown, Scotland. Summer 2008.
Sound + Vision, Banff Centre for the Arts, Banff, Alberta – April 2005
L.I.F.T. – Toronto, May 2003
Charles St Video Toronto, March 2000


Selected Publications

Students Draw Scenes Scenes From Movies That Were Filmed At Their School. Artist Publication. Winter 2013. 
Old Man Deciphering a Briefcase. C Magazine. Artist Project. Spring 2013.
Spiral Jetée (for CM and KH). Blue Note Book Vol 7 No. 1. Bristol. Uk. October 2012. 
Hofercrate. Artist publication. Summer 2012.
No Expectations. Artist Book. Fall 2011.
Pop Quiz. Paul+Wendy Projects, 2010.
Sgt Pepper’s Extended Lonely Hearts Club Band. Paul+Wendy Projects, 2009.
CCL1. Centre for Culture and Leisure #1. Summer 2008. Exhibition catalogue.
House Projects. Dublin, Ireland, December 2007. Exhibition Catalogue.
Disquiet Modern Fuel, Kingston, September 2005. Exhibition Catalogue, Audio CD
Free Sample Mount Saint Vincent. January 2005. Exhibition Catalogue.
Almanac Banff Centre, Calgary, December 2005
QSL Radio Broadcast/Publication, MIMA, UK, Summer 2004
Aural Cultures. YYZ Books, Spring 2004. Audio piece on accompanying CD.
Very Short Stories. Off the Cut Press, artist project, December 2003
5’9”, Calgary, artist project, Summer 2003
New Life for Fire (collaboration with Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth), Summer 2003. Audio CD.
TuTu, Glasgow, artist project, Scotland, Summer 2003
FUSE Magazine, artist project, January 2003
Instant Coffee Screensaver, October 2002
Mix Magazine, artist project, 2001
Instant Coffee Currency Project, 2001

Selected Critical Activity

One for Me and One to Share: Artists’ Multiples and Editions. YYZ Books (Toronto). May 2012. Co-editor.
The Sinking of the Titanic. The Power Plant (Toronto). May 2011. Essay.
Artificial Sweeter Struts Gallery (Sackville, NB) August 2010. Curator.
Screen 2010 (Olympic website exhibition) 2009 – 2010. Curator.
No Melatonin. Parkdale BIA Nuit Blanche (Toronto) October 2009. Curator

Beginning to See the Light. Nuit Blanche (Toronto) October 2008. Zone curator.
Seducing Down The Door Mercer Union (Toronto). June 2007. Curator.
Jeremy Deller: A Retrospective Mercer Union (Toronto). October 2006. Co-curator / Brochure essay
Infinity Etc. Mercer Union (Toronto) Feb 2006. Curator.
Candice Breitz: Soliloquy Mercer Union (Toronto). November 2005. Curator/Brochure essay
Residue  +15 (Calgary) October 2005. Co-curator.
The Needle and the Damage Done Harbourfront Centre (Toronto) August 2005. Curator.
Beans, Bananas and Yams: Performance Art Relics, Residue & Ephemera. YYZ . Sept 2004. Curator.
Rodney Graham: The Long Now. C Magazine. Summer issue. Feature article cover story.
Germaine Koh. Para/Site, Hong Kong. May 2004. Catalogue essay.
A Short History of Shit In Art. The Power Plant. April 2004. Hububb lecture and presentation.
0.0001 Percent Volume Mercer Union. February 2004. Curator/Brochure essay
A Text Book Case. Harbourfront Art Centre. Sept 2003. Curator.
A Short History of… Lola Magazine. Ongoing magazine column.
Passing Water Art Metropole July 2003. Curator.
Candyass: The Multiples of Cary Leibowitz. Art Metropole May 2003. Curator
Yoko Ono: Bookworks and Multiples Art Metropole. March 2003. Curator.
Any Surplus Is Immoral: Works of Jenny Holzer Art Metropole Jan 2002. Curator.
Up & Out - Christian Marclay. Lola Magazine. Interview.
Ample Food For Stupid Thought. Art Metropole. September 2001. Curator/catalogue.


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